The authors present a clear description of the mechanics of how radiofrequency (RF) was initially developed, supported by a detailed overview of some of the more common RF devices, including their mode of action and applications. The authors include a diagram to demonstrate six generations of radiofrequency devices, from monopolar RF, to targeted internal RF cannula delivery systems and real-time non-invasive temperature monitoring. The authors explore the advancements in treating skin tightening and rejuvenation, rhytides, striae and scars, photoageing, cellulite, body contouring, as well as rosacea. The authors acknowledge that whilst RF devices appear to be safe and effective for multiple dermatological and aesthetic conditions, many of the studies which have been conducted have been limited by small sample size, a lack of appropriate control group and inconsistent/inadequate comparisons to different treatment protocols. This piece gives an excellent introductory overview for an aesthetic nurse that may be considering introducing RF technology into their practice, and reinforces that combination approaches, maintenance regimens and appropriate patient selection are key to obtaining optimum results.

Efficacy of radiofrequency technology in the treatment of aesthetic indications.
Mazloom S, Sadick N.
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