Aesthetic nurses are frequently involved in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of many common dermatological conditions affecting the face and body and should possess knowledge of the current recommended clinical guidelines. The author provides an informative overview of the current evidence-based management strategies for aesthetic nurses involved in the treatment of acne vulgaris, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and cutaneous lupus erythematosus; reinforcing the importance of early recognition, treatment and referral, where necessary. Robust clinical dermatological guidelines are described in favour of aesthetic modalities to encourage practitioners to justify sound prescribing and treatment regimen(s). Insightful comparisons are established between NHS and private aesthetic management strategies of conditions such as acne scarring, with discussion surrounding the rationale and evidence in both settings. The author concisely describes the first-line management of complex conditions such as contact allergic dermatitis and facial eczema, alluding to some common triggers. The prescribing formulary can be complex and abundant with topical treatment options for dermatitis; yet the author provides clarity on the basic principles of selecting an appropriate regimen. The author presents a useful piece to reinforce to aesthetic nurses that ‘red faced’ patients will frequently present in a private aesthetic setting for consultation and the importance of recognition and subtle differentiation between one common skin complaint to another, is invaluable, along with the knowledge of when to refer for specialist assessment. This is a useful piece to aid aesthetic nurses in guiding patients towards disease-specific specialist dermatological support groups with contact details provided.  The provision of a visual aid for dermatological subtypes to assist the aesthetic nurse in the recognition of the listed skin conditions may have enhanced the piece.

The red-faced patient: common facial skin conditions and management guidelines.
Van Onselen J.
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Anna Baker

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