Myriam Loyo and Theda Kontis present a review of indications for minimally invasive facial cosmetic procedures, based on chemodenervation with botulinum toxin A. The authors present the following treatments in a well structured manner: chemical brow lift, treatment of hypertrophic orbicularis oculi, rejuvenation of oral commissure, correction of a gummy smile, correction of platysmal banding, lip lift and chemical neck lift. The indications of each procedure are clearly identified together with the treatment goals and the limitations of solitary neurotoxin injection for each area of the face. Preoperative planning, the procedural approach, potential complications and their management provide a practical basis for the novice in this field. Every chapter ends with a discussion of current clinical results presented in the literature. In the authors’ practice, chemodenervation has replaced the need for orbicularis resection of the lower lid for muscle hypertrophy, commissureplasty for ptotic oral commissures, lip advancement surgeries for small upper lips, and lip lengthening procedures for patients with a gummy smile. Finally, illustrations and a synoptic table summarising the procedures described for botulinum toxin treatment to these areas help finding detailed information at a glance.

Cosmetic botulinum toxin – Has it replaced more invasive facial procedures?
Loyo M, Kontis TC.
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