The authors present the findings of a retrospective study of 12 patients undergoing autologous fat grafting for the reconstruction of a lip deformity following haemangioma treatment. At the age of about four to five months to two years of age, patients had undergone intralesional injection of sclerosing agents to treat the haemangioma. Seven patients had residual upper lip deformities and five had lower lip deformities. Fat injections were carried out from age 12 to 30 years. Resorption of the fat graft became obvious after about six months and so fat injections were repeated at about six monthly intervals. Fat injections were performed under local anaesthetic and harvested from the abdomen. Most patients required three to four repeat sessions of fat grafting. One patient had a buccinators myomucosal flap reconstruction of the vermillion as well as fat grafting. At a mean of 24 months follow-up, all 12 patients were satisfied with their aesthetic appearance and the texture and volume persistence of the graft. There were no complications such as infection or haematoma. This study is limited by small patient numbers, but it shows that autologous fat grafting is a helpful method to treat defects of the lips due to scarring after intralesional sclerosant treatment for haemangiomas. 

Autologous fat grafting in lip reconstruction following hemangioma treatment.
Yin J, Li H, Yin N, et al.
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Aina Greig

St Thomas' Hospital, London, UK

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