Forty-one consecutive anterior anteromedial thigh (AMT) free flaps are reported, with a success rate of 95%. This flap is being used as an alternative to the preferred anterolateral thigh flap (ALT), which is described as the ‘real workhorse’, when this ALT flap is unavailable. Nevertheless, 41 of these AMT flaps used in four and a half years gives some indication of the huge number of free tissue transfers that are being performed in Taiwan. The raising of the flap is described in detail and the functional donor site also assessed. The AMT flap has a slightly shorter pedicle than the ALT flap and the anatomy of the pedicle is slightly more variable. It is, however, reliable in the authors’ experienced hands. I suspect that not many surgeons in the West have the AMT flap in their armoury, although it was first described by Song in 1984, but as this article shows, it is certainly worth considering. 

Anteromedial thigh perforator free flap: report of 41 consecutive flaps and donor-site morbidity evaluation.
Riva FMG, Tan NC, Liu KW, et al.
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