The author discusses his experience in over 200 cases of an overlapping plication platysmaplasty technique via the facelift incision, thus avoiding a submental incision. A logical argument is made to the benefit of the procedure, providing more extensive retraction in a more suitable vector than a medial approach. I would caution that an incision at only 1cm below the mandible through the platysma does not guarantee that the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve will be avoided in all cases, but no complications in this regard is noted in his significant experience. Isolated treatment of platysmal bands is also discussed. Two techniques, open or closed, are proposed with the serial multiple (six or seven) horizontal divisions of the pre marked bands performed directly with scissors or percutaneously using a braided suture after lassoing the band. A very elegant solution! 

The LOOP – lateral overlapping plication of the platsyma. An effective neck lift without submental incision.
Gonzalez R.
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Stuart Hamilton

NHS Lothian, UK.

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