The authors discuss and report success with an elegant but difficult solution to a difficult problem. Dry eyes are a difficult problem and incidence increases with age. It can lead to severe reduction in the quality of life of patients. They report on two cases of allogenic transplantation of the submandibular gland, from matched donors, to stem cell recipients suffering from graft versus host disease. This is not a new solution but is an uncommon procedure. They discuss the problems and various investigations, especially a functioning submandibular gland to be transferred. There is an excellent discourse on the surgical technique and colour photographs. The discussion is of value as it takes the reader through the thought processes of the authors. It is important to note that there was a unique situation where the donors of the former allogenic stem cell transplantation were available for submandibular gland transfer. 

Allogenic submandibular gland transplantation following haemtopoietic stem cell transplantation.
Jacobsen HC, Hakim SG, Trenkle T, et al.
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Sunil K Bhatia

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