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This review article is based on a thorough literature search performed on Pubmed, the aim being to provide a detailed update on the contemporary practice of abdominoplasty. Technical modifications in the use of liposuction, scar placement, progressive tension sutures, elimination of drains, off-midline plication and umbilicoplasty are covered in detail. The evidence for each modification is highlighted together with any areas of controversy and patient safety issues. The provision of supplementary videos (available online) adds to the value of the descriptive text. Postoperative pain management and thromboembolism prophylaxis are also discussed. A weakness of the paper is lack of information in the application of each modification for different patient groups. Incorporating preoperative patient assessment findings to specific intraoperative technical considerations would be useful. Overall this paper provides a succinct and up to date review of this ever-changing topic.

Getting the best results in abdominoplasty: current advanced concepts.
Boudreault DJ, Sieber DA.
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James ET Wokes

University Hospital North Durham, UK

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