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The paper provided is extremely thorough and well structured, covering the topics of patient assessment, treatment options and techniques as well as the management of potential complications following hyaluronic acid filler injection. A detailed guide highlighting individualised treatment planning to restore balance is advocated which makes a refreshing change to articles advocating prescribed treatment schedules. A multitude of instructional videos covering facial anatomy and specific facial area injection techniques are an outstanding educational resource. Knowledge of facial anatomy is paramount to reducing patient morbidity, as is safe technique. The areas of injection covered include the temple, lateral brow, tear trough, cheek, nose, earlobe, nasolabial fold, pre-sulcus jowl, jawline and lips. These videos provide a balance of patient assessment and technical skills but are limited in terms of applicability as they do not adequately explain potential alternatives. Despite this shortcoming, they are very useful for novice injectors teaching techniques with relatively predictable results. The paper concludes with a section on the use of hyaluronidase; this is essential knowledge for anyone intending to inject facial fillers and adds legitimacy to the whole article as injecting can and does go wrong.

Effective rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid fillers: current advanced concepts.
Mckee D, Remington K, Swift A, et al.
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James Wokes

University Hospital North Durham, UK

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