Wendy Lewis is considered to be the queen of social media within the international aesthetic medicine community and this book confirms her position. It provides a comprehensive overview of all the different online platforms. The content is clearly laid out and relatively easy to understand. Whilst being a useful reference book for the IT literate it also offers hope to the luddites who, overwhelmed by the confusing array of digital options, are reluctant to accept that internet marketing is essential for their aesthetic practice to thrive in the modern world. Every digital avenue is mapped out.

From websites, videos, blogs and Twitter to online reviews, Snapchat and Instagram, she offers guidance on effective communication with each, and advice on how to protect your reputation whilst not transgressing any important regulations such as privacy laws. Even though the presentation is at times dry without illustrations or pictures, Wendy highlights the value of good imagery in effective online posts – her ‘Wendyisms’ providing soundbites that resonate and make sense. This book is aimed at everyone in the aesthetic industry. It provides insight and a structured overview of digital marketing to clinic managers and a lifeline to the newbie practitioner who is trying to get a foothold in the cut-throat world of aesthetics. Every chapter provides practical tips on how to get the most from each social media platform, including the etiquette of how to engage effectively with your intended audience. It is easy to feel swamped by the detail and potential of each social media network, so this seminal publication is essentially a library of information that can be dipped into for reference as your digital marketing journey progresses.

I was impressed by the breadth of knowledge and experience displayed in this guide. Usually bewildered by the complexities of social media, l felt inspired and equipped with a better understanding of how I might translate Wendy’s pearls of wisdom into communicating more fluently online. It may be somewhat incongruous to have a hard copy as the guide for navigating the online marketing world, but for the technophobes amongst us there is comfort in having a book to hand where you can physically turn the pages. This book should be by the bedside of every digitally threatened novice, putting an end to the waking nightmare of drowning in ignorance. In the daunting world of digital marketing this book will become your new best friend.

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Sam Robson

Medical Director of Temple Medical, Aberdeen.

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