This book’s understated front cover belies a wealth of highly instructive and informative information on contemporary rhinoplasty. For any student of ENT, plastic or maxillofacial surgery interested in learning and improving their skills, this book provides a firm foundation, and displays incredible insight into the tortuous path towards success.

The light, portable, and highly readable content makes it a valuable addition to our current literature. Despite the plethora of books available on the subject, Professor Lohuis’s fluent style and compact structure save time for the reader.

Excellent colour illustrations along with ‘before and after’ photographs are of the highest quality. Their abundance adequately supplements the text and speaks volumes about the author’s well thought-out plan for a sequential and progressive advancement of the text.

As rhinoplasty has a long learning curve and can take many years to master, this book addresses the fundamental question of surgical training at the outset.

The student of rhinoplasty is advised to consider the learning curve as a dynamic, ongoing process, which requires constant self-assessment and peer review. Fundamental techniques designed for maximum patient security are emphasised in a clear and concise manner, while more advanced procedures are also described with masterful fluency that emanates from a wealth of experience, not to mention the anguish of revision cases that all rhinoplasty surgeons have to learn to deal with.

In addition, the beautifully summarised key points in dealing with the current list of possible graft techniques, safe osteotomies, and special cases are particularly welcome. Colleagues who deal with Mediterranean patients will also welcome the author’s particular attention to this group.

Currently, there are a large number of rhinoplasty books on the market, but very few, if any, manage to bring the diverse and challenging trends in this field together in such a terse and concise manner. This book will remain on my desk at work at all times, and assist me in training my junior staff. This book’s value is several times higher than the price asked for by the publishing company.

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Iman Khodaei

Chesterfield Royal Hospital, UK.

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