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Emerging trends in the aesthetics of rhinoplasty: from local to global

The concept of ‘beauty’ can be bewildering in its scope and variation through time and geographical location. As the aim of facial plastic surgery consists of restoration of form and function, the definition of beauty takes on immense importance. Although...

Advanced Caucasian and Mediterranean Rhinoplasty

This book’s understated front cover belies a wealth of highly instructive and informative information on contemporary rhinoplasty. For any student of ENT, plastic or maxillofacial surgery interested in learning and improving their skills, this book provides a firm foundation, and...

How I Do It - Aesthetic reconstruction of the nasal
radix-rhinion complex

The radix-rhinion complex forms one of the most important pillars of nasal aesthetics. Due to its complex anatomical nature and distance from the point of access, this region can be commonly involved in suboptimal results. Tailor-made operative planning Most of...

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