James Frame set up the directorate of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery at Springfield Hospital, Chelmsford in 2001. He is also the co-founder of the Post Graduate Diploma in Aesthetic Surgery, at Barts and The London Hospital, for young plastic surgeons. His special interests include breast cancer reconstruction and surgical repair of soft tissue sports injuries. He was an Executive Committee Member of BAAPS and Chairman of Committee and the UK National Secretary of the ISAPS. He is Past President and Co-Founder of UKAAPS.

Latest Contribution

UK allergy crisis: deploy the ‘LIMED’ mnemonic

In response to the revelation that allergies now cost the NHS approximately £900 million pounds per year, Professor Frame and colleagues in Chelmsford explain why the mnemonic ‘LIED’ needs to be updated.

Contrasting contemporary plastic surgery training with that in the late 20th century: ‘thirteen years a slave’

The Past Was I a slave? Absolutely not. I loved every minute of my training. I had the choice of career pathway as a young surgeon, but I was hypnotised by enthusiasm and a desire to help people with major...

A suggested management pathway for rhinophyma and benign superficial skin lesions that includes the use of plasma

Rhinophyma is an aesthetic embarrassment to many people. It is the result of sebaceous gland hyperplasia within the skin over the alar cartilages of the nose. It has a familial tendency and in addition to being unsightly it can commonly...