Aesthetic Nursing Section Editor – The PMFA Journal

Independent nurse prescriber Anna Baker provides a nurse-led cosmetic non-surgical and dermatology clinic based at The Nuffield Health Hospital in Cheltenham. With a special interest in dermatology, she is qualified to provide photodynamic therapy to treat non-melanoma skin lesions. Anna is a member of The British Dermatological Nursing Association, The Royal College of Nursing and The Association of Nurse Prescribers. Anna has a keen interest in anatomy and is pursing post-graduate studies at Keele University specializing in facial anatomy. She coordinates an accredited independent bespoke facial anatomy teaching course especially for medical professionals providing non-surgical rejuvenation.

JOURNAL REVIEWED: Journal of Aesthetic Nursing – Dec 2014 (ongoing)

Latest Contribution

Evolution of laser lipolysis in non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting

The author presents a comprehensive discussion on laser-assisted lipolysis. A brief discussion of the surgical history with abdominoplasty and traditional liposuction is described, alongside a detailed overview of the evolution of non-invasive laser-lipolysis that is underpinned by detailed diagrammatic explanations....

Assessment and management of the mature female face with dermal fillers

The author presents an interesting and popular aesthetic topic with discussion on the background of the growth and demand for dermal fillers, including some of the popular types currently favoured. There is discussion on poly-L-Lactic acid and calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA)...

Body dysmorphic disorder and addiction to medical aesthetic procedures

This article by two expert authors within the field of anxiety disorders covers a highly poignant subject of growing interest within aesthetic medicine. It covers the definition and manifestation of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), underpinned by robust and current references,...