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17th Annual London MDT Head & Neck Imaging Course

The original suture suspension necklift before the i-guide

In this excellent issue of the Clinics in Plastic Surgery the topic of neck lifting is discussed. This covers the assessment, non-surgical management, minimally invasive techniques and open techniques. This invited paper looks into the authors’ experience of suture suspension...

Training / Cadaver Workshop – Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

Anglian Ruskin University Medical School / UKAAPS / Eurosurgical Facial Rejuvenation Masterclass – The latest Minimally Invasive Techniques for Aesthetic Practice Introduction of the Anglian Ruskin University Medical School- Prof Ruth Jackson Facial Surgery Anatomy Considerations- Ms Kallirroi Tzafetta Short...

Postoperative antibiotics after a free flap surgery – is one dose enough?

Major head and neck surgery with ablation of oral cancer, neck dissection and free flap reconstruction is a well-established part of maxillofacial surgery. These patients however already have significant co-morbidities and together with a long operation, large wounds open for...

Reconstructive Facial Plastic Surgery: A Problem-Solving Manual (Second edition)

There are many other books that describe the principles and techniques for head and neck reconstruction but few are so comprehensive and yet concise enough to be easy to read from cover to cover or simply browse for ideas. This...

Anatomy Masterclass: Botulinum Toxin, Full Face

Two days of theory and practical training of Botulinum Toxin A applied to aesthetic injections of face and neck.

SkinCeuticals announce a formal partnership in the form of their second Advanced Clinic Centre

Having collaborated with leading Medical Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner, Sarah White, for a number of years, SkinCeuticals is delighted to announce a formal partnership in the form of their second Advanced Clinic Centre.