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A place for nerve transfers in your hand surgery service

The author summarises the application of nerve transfers in upper limb trauma. This is a review article and covers the principles of transfer; the indications, preoperative assessment and the whole patient journey, stressing the need for rehabilitation. The technical factors...

Lynton Lasers lends a helping hand to the UK’s ventilator shortage

British Laser & IPL Manufacturer Lynton Lasers rises to the immediate challenge to support the UK’s ventilator shortage by offering skills, expertise and resources to build the vital ventilators the NHS needs.

Fat grafting as therapy for Raynaud’s

The authors have adapted the technique of lipo-filling, previously described for rejuvenation of the hand, to achieve symptom reduction in patients with primary and secondary Raynaud’s that had previously failed to respond to medical treatments. The majority of the subjects...

Letter from Hong Kong (21 April 2020)

The PMFA Journal co-editor Andrew Burd looks at the impact of SARS on plastic surgery in Hong Kong.

Handy Solutions

Very few people, if any, enjoy the ravages associated with the ageing process. Apoptosis (programmed cell death) occurs throughout life, but for some unknown reason (possibly associated with epigenetics) cellular replacement and therefore matrix volume decreases. The result is that...

British Foundation for International Surgery and Training

Two of the UK’s most innovative Plastic Surgeons, Barbara Jemec and Wee Lam, give a fascinating account of the work of BFIRST overseas and, perhaps most importantly, explain how you can get involved. The British Foundation for International Surgery and...