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Rectal ketamine during paediatric burn wound dressing procedures

Ketamine is well reported as being safe to use in providing analgesia, sedation and amnesia in paediatric populations. This prospective, randomised, double-blinded study aimed to establish an optimum dose of ketamine in burns treatment settings in children aged six months...

Hypertrophic burn scar-associated pruritus treated with a cooling nanoemulsion-enhanced novel hydrogel

Intractable pruritus is a challenging symptom of burn-induced hypertrophic scars. The exact pathogenesis of itch is unknown and conventional management with anti-histamines is often insufficient. Proposed treatments for pruritus include exposure to a cooling surface and maintenance of a well-hydrated...

A history of the Asia Pacific Burn Association

To accompany his Newsround report on the 12th APBC meeting in the October/November issue, Editor Andrew Burd shares the story of how the APBA was set up.

The 12th Asia Pacific Burn Congress

6th Annual Canadian Burn Conference

A review of burns in patients over the age of 90

The authors share their results looking at a retrospective review of burns in patients over the age of 90 in a 15-year period from 1998 to 2013 from a single regional burns centre (Pinderfields Hospital, UK). Twenty-two patients were identified...

Factors which predict the utilisation of plastic dressing clinics in paediatric burns

This paper seeks to identify which factors impact on the re-attendance rates at a paediatric outpatient service following a burn. A retrospective review of patients admitted to a single paediatric burns unit (Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh) over a...