This is a concise book written with a broad reader base from all clinical backgrounds, aimed specifically at those caring for burns victims. It is worth noting that all the proceeds from sale of the book go to a charitable organisation.

Overall, the book is an excellent snapshot of what is involved in burn care right from the time of presentation all the way to burns reconstruction. It is one very experienced man’s view on burns and their treatment but is nevertheless unbiased.

The detail within the individual chapters is sufficiently superficial to allow all comers to read the book easily, but also goes into detail when required with occasional tips and hints along the way. The layout of this hardback copy is clear and easy to read. There are many tables and figures within the book which complement the text very well.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the book is the generosity of the colour photographs which put the principles of burn care into context extremely well; from pictures of complex wounds and burn contractures, to gowned-up staff playing the guitar to distract a child having their burn dressed. The visual impact of the book cannot be underestimated.

The reader will find this a rewarding read whether dipping in and out over coffee or reading chapter by chapter. To be recommended.

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Dan Widdowson

St John's Hospital, Livingston, UK

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