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This is a well-written, comprehensive, two-volume textbook on all core topics of plastic and reconstructive surgery, which is designed to guide readers through commonly seen complications, possible solutions and the operative steps required to achieve this.

Volume one contains five sections spanning an introduction into why failures commonly occur, the dissatisfied patient and the psychological aspects of cosmetic surgery and minimally invasive treatments. The book also covers important topics on legal and safety issues, general wound management, aesthetic surgery and breast surgery. Volume two spans paediatric and craniofacial surgery, reconstructive surgery of the head and neck, hand and upper extremity, and burns. Each section is subdivided into a wide range of chapters on common core topics that are met in these areas. For example, the aesthetic section ranges from dermal fillers to gluteal augmentation. The chapters are well laid out and get straight to the point of managing the unfavourable results, with abundant illustrations and summary boxes which are easy to read and follow.

There is a comprehensive reference list at the end that the reader can refer to as an additional source of information. The book also comes with a video library that is accessible with the code on the book. The videos supplement the chapters appropriately, are of excellent quality and are a useful digital adjunct to the chapters.

This book assumes a baseline knowledge of the core topics and is probably most suited to clinicians who undertake these procedures or have a special interest in them. It makes for very interesting discussions and sharing of ideas on challenging situations which can be encountered in all these clinical problems.

A new feature compared to previous editions is featuring the opinion of worldwide experts who by experience have met and dealt which such problems during their careers. As a result, the contributors span a global network of some of the pioneers of modern-day plastic surgery whose work has already influenced the practice of many clinicians.

Overall, this two-volume book is highly recommended, not only for personal reading, but also as a useful reference for libraries and plastic surgery departments

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Kavita Sharma

Department of Plastic Surgery, St John’s Hospital, Livingston, UK.

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