This is an excellent two-volume textbook written by a world leader in the field of facial deformity, facial corrective surgery and orthognathic surgery. The two volumes bring together the various subspecialties as well as other non-surgical components of treating facial deformity.

The book starts with the concept of facial beauty and psychology. It goes on to separate chapters on photography, records and planning. There are dedicated chapters for usual surgical techniques of alteration of the facial skeleton. Each chapter has an introduction and rationale. The surgical techniques are step-wise and with exact instructions. The book is easy to follow, succinct but comprehensive, with photographs and radiographs at each stage. The author writes with an easy flow and there are ‘valuable tips and advice on avoiding common pitfalls’. The final part of the chapter is ‘aftercare’. This is an excellent section as it varies widely between surgeons and this is very exact with appropriate photographs.

There are specific chapters on soft tissue surgical corrections, e.g. microlipofilling, and hair restoration, in addition to the usual procedures such as blepharoplasty or face lift. It is unique in having a whole section on other topics such as anaesthesia for facial surgeons, cosmeceuticals, injectables and make-up.

The second volume is aptly named ‘Showcase’. All the usual facial deformity procedures and soft tissue procedures are described. This is a showcase of the author’s lifetime of patients with a range portraying the mix of bony and soft tissue surgery and other techniques to get the best outcome. It is a compelling read with amazing serial photographs and radiographs. There are a number of 3D computed tomography pictures that facilitate the reader to get the full picture. The illustrations and photographs are excellent.

This textbook will be a valuable addition to any department carrying out orthognathic surgery and corrective facial surgery. It is of value to both trainees and seasoned practitioners in oral and maxillofacial surgery, plastic surgery and otolaryngology. As it addresses a number of standout topics, such as laboratory planning and other facial cosmetic procedures, it is also of value to various multidisciplinary teams, including maxillofacial technicians or psychologists. It is unique as it addresses the whole of the face, skeleton and soft tissues, as well as other procedures such as injectables.

The book is refreshing to read as it is well written in a very easy and step-wise fashion, and goes through initial planning to aftercare. This is the most comprehensive book I have read about correcting facial deformity that addresses both hard and soft tissue deformities and considerations in their corrections. The years of experience and the author’s concept of assessment of the facial tissues and not mere cephalometric measurements is the modern way forward.

The only thing that could be improved is the size of the photographs in the first volume. If these were larger it would be easier to follow. However, the content and quality make this textbook both an excellent and necessary read for trainees and experienced facial surgeons. In this current age, online access and surgical videos would be of great value and may be looked at in the future.

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Maurice Yves Mommaerts (Prof)

European Face Centre, Universitair Ziekenhuis Brussel, Belgium; Owner of Orthoclinic in St Martens-Latem, Belgium.

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