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This is a well-written hardback discussing various approaches to combination treatments for the face and the body. There are 15 chapters each outlining a specific category from patient selection to the use of noninvasive devices, light-based therapies and blending non-surgical with surgical to achieve the best results.

There are plenty of before and after images highlighting the techniques and combination therapies that have been discussed. Each chapter concludes with a commentary, which I thought was great as it gives an insight into the work of the authors. For me this book is aimed at those who have a good grounding in non-surgical aesthetic medicine and wish to further develop and learn how to incorporate other techniques in order to provide their patients with truly remarkable results.

The initial chapter discusses the concept of beauty, which as we all know is so difficult to define and dependent on the eye of the beholder. However, one thing can be agreed upon, natural beauty is what we aim to achieve and that appearance itself plays a very strong role in today’s culture. There is a good chapter refreshing knowledge on how various blended treatments such as neuromodulators, injectables, lasers and radiofrequency can enhance traditional surgical results. Patient selection is discussed in detail in many of the chapters and educating our patients on appropriate post-procedural care is so important for minimising complications.

There is a chapter specific to blending and sequencing considerations, which is very important in treatment planning. So many patients are now requesting multimodal treatments with minimal downtime and hence sequencing of treatment has become a very important consideration. It is also great that this book contains chapters specific to diverse skin types; this is an area that practitioners often worry about in regards to treating due to the higher complication risk but as a clinician it is imperative to be able to manage these patients safely and predictably.

The author discusses the growing demand of nonsurgical and combination therapies and how these can be used as a prelude or adjunct to surgical interventions. Technological advances and how to incorporate these into practice is considered, device decision-making can seem overwhelming when approached by multiple representive agents but knowing how to develop a business model and plan effectively is briefly touched upon.

The chapter on adverse events is very useful as you can never be prepared enough and knowing how to avoid and manage complications is essential to good practice.

Overall this is a great book, each chapter is easy to navigate and helps you understand the approaches to blending nonsurgical and surgical treatments in aesthetics.

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Parisha Acharya

Her areas of interest are cosmetic skin health, non-surgical aesthetics, skin cancer and maxillofacial surgery.

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