I have never had the pleasure of meeting Nikolay Serdev but his book exudes the personality of a fascinating free thinking maverick.

Each of the six chapters outlines a nuanced minimally invasive technique that challenges modern conceptions and bias towards open approach rhinoplasty.

T excision, caudal septal excision, columellar sliding and digital fractures could all be regarded as variations on established techniques but the use of transcutaneous sutures in rhinoplasty is to the reviewer’s mind original thinking. A similar concept to ‘incisionless’ otoplasty, such sutures, judging from the photographs, offer a powerful addition to the nasal reshaping armamentarium.

This book would not be the ideal starting place for a young trainee seeking to assimilate the basics of rhinoplasty. But for an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon requiring options and alternatives it is highly recommended.

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Ken Stewart

NHS Lothian, UK.

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