There are many other books that describe the principles and techniques for head and neck reconstruction but few are so comprehensive and yet concise enough to be easy to read from cover to cover or simply browse for ideas. This text principally deals with extra-oral defects.

The 28-page first section briefly describes the basic anatomy of the skin and the principles of reconstruction of skin defects. The bulk of the remaining text is a systematic, region-by-region summary of the local flap options for most imaginable defects. The final section touches upon some of the commonly used myocutaneous and free flap options but also includes a brief chapter on the harvest and uses of rib cartilage.

Throughout the book, there a plentiful high-quality colour photographs and corresponding diagrams that not only demonstrate the techniques, but also prove that they work. The accompanying text is succinct and easy to read.

I think this will prove to be an excellent resource for all plastic, OMFS and ENT surgery trainees to broaden their imagination and confidence in the use of local flaps in the head and neck but there are plenty of ideas for the experienced surgeon too.

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Patrick Addison

St John's Hospital, Livingston, UK.

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