Breast surgery is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgical procedures with a high incidence of revisions carried out, not only for complications, but also due to the natural evolution of the breast, ageing, or the consequences of long-term prostheses.

Problems in Breast Surgery will prove itself useful to all surgeons who are involved in breast surgery. It serves as a reference for those wishing to see how other surgeons would solve similar problems with which they may be faced. There are contributions from many of the recognised authorities in the field, including Hall-Findlay, Hamdi, Spear, Coleman and Nahai.

Throughout its six parts, it guides the reader through postoperative and suboptimal aesthetic outcomes in relation to all aspects of aesthetic and reconstructive breast surgery, beginning with the fundamentals, problems with augmentation with or without mastopexy, reductions, and both autologous and implant-based reconstructions. It also has sections dealing with deformities after lumpectomies, partial mastectomies with radiotherapy, cancer recurrences after reconstruction and finally the nipple-areolar complex.

Each chapter contains a clear, precise, and consistently standardised format of each complication, which is presented with a discussion about how the unsatisfactory result or complication occurred and what may have caused it to happen. There is a full analysis of the patient’s situation, followed by a discussion of the solution, surgical plan and a description of how this was implemented. Where there may be more than one solution for a problem; each is presented separately by a different surgeon. Finally, the results are demonstrated with critical evaluation, teaching points and bibliography. Photography and diagrams are used to illustrate each case before, during and after surgery.

The book also comes with a code to redeem on-line access to the e-book, which can be downloaded once to a desktop or portable device.

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