The evolution of knowledge and practice within paediatric plastic surgery has undergone much advancement over recent years. This textbook beautifully takes the reader through not only these more recent advances and techniques but also explains the fundamental principles underlying key topics within the field.

The textbook is written in an easy to read format with each chapter proceeded by a concise introduction to the topic at hand and finishes with key learning points to take away. The chapters themselves are very well written and cover some very complex subjects in a clear and concise fashion.

The authors are to be congratulated on producing such a comprehensive text that covers the entirety of practice within paediatric plastic surgery. It is very interesting that the authors have included some extremely relevant chapters on associated topics such as ethical and global health issues which adds an extra dimension to this textbook that is all too frequently omitted in other books. The accompanying diagrams and clinical photographs are very relevant and enrich the text beautifully.

Another worthy addition to this textbook is the inclusion of a series of videos that accompany some of the craniofacial topics, allowing the reader to visualise the described surgical techniques which adds an excellent further learning dimension for the reader. In short this is an excellent textbook that will be of invaluable use to both trainees and specialists alike who have an interest in paediatric plastic surgery.

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Marc-James Hallam

St John's Hospital, Livingstone, UK.

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