This volume covers all aspects of breast surgery from anatomy to aesthetic surgery and then breast reconstruction for oncological and developmental aetiologies. In particular, several well-written chapters discuss the complications of breast surgery and their management with special consideration of secondary breast surgery. Augmentation-mastopexy is however not well described.

The breast reduction chapter includes several subsections describing the various mainstream operative approaches and their indications, advantages and disadvantages.

Section 2 focuses on reconstructive breast surgery beginning with a comprehensive description of breast cancer and its surgical management. It’s a pity that there is little mention of the role of non-surgical modalities in breast cancer management but it is a surgical text after all.

In addition to the workhorse flaps for breast reconstruction, considerable space is given to less well known alternative and salvage flaps that may play an increasing role in the future such as the deep femoral artery perforator / profunda artery perforator (DFAP / PAP) flap. Lipofilling for breast reconstruction is covered in a separate chapter and the section is completed with a comprehensive description of nipple areolar reconstruction.

This volume also covers management of congenital breast deformities including Poland’s syndrome, gynaecomastia and the management of the chest and arms in massive weight loss patients.

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