This volume begins with a good description of lower limb anatomy followed by several chapters covering the principles and management of lower limb trauma; sarcoma diagnosis, investigation and treatment; lymphoedema and lymphatic reconstruction; neuroma management and nerve compression; skeletal and soft tissue flap reconstruction. One chapter is dedicated to reconstruction of the foot – often poorly understood.

Section 2 incorporates chapters on chest, back, abdominal and perineal reconstruction including genital reconstruction and gender re-assignment surgery. There is an excellent chapter on the pathophysiology, assessment, classification and management of pressure sores, which clarifies this, often, mismanaged event.

Finally, Section 3 is dedicated to the assessment and management of the various types of burn injury and exfoliative skin disorders that have been included here due to some similarities with burns. Various aspects of the pathophysiology, assessment and management are discussed as well as the nutrition and rehabilitation of the burn patient.

In keeping with the other volumes, this one is generally well illustrated and reads well in most chapters. It clearly and concisely covers topics in a structured fashion. However, this is a wide area to be covered and inevitably, in places, detail is relatively light as a result.

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Patrick Addison

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