This third edition of the great Plastic Surgery volumes was published last year and is now edited by Peter Neligan. It follows those previous works of Converse, McCarthy and Mathes in bringing together a wealth of expertise and knowledge combined with generally well-written text and beautiful and purposeful illustration.

This edition sports many improvements on its predecessors. The images and newly worked illustrations are all in colour and there are over 160 accompanying videos of surgical procedures. Dr Neligan has drawn on the knowledge and expertise of his many renowned and well-respected co-authors and has eliminated two volumes of text by weeding out repetition whilst incorporating the many new developments in plastic surgery.

Each chapter is organised with a similar structure, allowing some degree of ease in extracting pertinent information. Readers can also now access the entire text and illustrations online. At the end of each chapter is a manageable collection of well-selected references accompanied by brief synopses of definitive publications.

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