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Pediatric Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is an extensive, in-depth textbook dedicated to surgical problems in children that require the attention of a plastic surgeon. Most of the authors are consultant plastic surgeons practising in the United States and the United Kingdom; however, there is also multidisciplinary input from paediatric surgeons, radiologists, orthodontists and speech and language therapists.

The textbook is divided into six parts, which each cover a different system or group of conditions. The sections are Craniofacial Disorders, Cleft Lip and Palate, Soft Tissue Deformities of the Head and Neck, Trunk and Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity and Integument. Each chapter covers a variety of paediatric surgical problems in a logical manner. Each chapter presents an introduction to the condition (often with a link to the embryology, developmental anatomy and genetics of the disease), diagnosis, non-operative treatment, operative treatment, operative considerations and surgical techniques. Many of the chapters have a ‘Key points’ summary to emphasise the essential learning points.

Given the depth and detail provided about the operative aspects of patient care (e.g. explaining and comparing different surgical techniques), I would say that this book is targeted towards plastic surgery consultants and trainees and that it requires some background knowledge in plastic surgery. However, I think that some of the chapters may be of interest to doctors specialising in paediatrics and related surgical specialities such as paediatric surgery, ENT, maxillofacial surgery, ophthalmology (especially, oculoplastics and orbital surgery), general surgery, urology and orthopaedics.

The key advantages of this book are that it is well-written, there is a breadth and variety of clinical conditions addressed and there are plenty of high-quality clinical photographs, radiological images and reconstructions throughout the book. The images, in particular, complement the written content and help to enhance the reader’s understanding of the conditions presented and the surgical challenges they pose.

Overall, this is a comprehensive and well-presented textbook that will be useful to many surgeons and paediatricians.

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Razan Nour

Ulster Hospital, Belfast.

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