This text is a well written review of the techniques available to maximise postoperative outcomes after Mohs and cutaneous surgery. Topics include intraoperative surgical techniques with tips and tricks to try to achieve optimal postoperative scars, complications in Mohs surgery, and techniques used to correct and improve on postoperative scarring and outcomes (including surgery, lasers, steroids and fillers).

The information contained is not unique to this book, but it has been well presented in a logical manner and is in an easily read format. Quotations from the literature and references are given throughout, but this is only used where needed and so is unobtrusive to the text. Photographs are in colour, and are appropriately used to usefully support the text.

It should be noted though that whilst a number of various techniques are presented, the nature of the book is of an overview rather than an in-depth technical reference and senior surgeons may find that they already practice many of the techniques.

The book will, however, likely appeal to both trainees and newly qualified cutaneous surgeons keen to gain background knowledge on how to improve their postoperative outcomes. For the reasonable price, I would be happy to recommend this book to my trainees.

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Hamid Tehrani

Liverpool, UK.

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