This book is the first in a new series of textbooks designed to be an ongoing multi-year series providing contemporary information within an ever-expanding field. It is edited by internationally recognised leaders in the field of lasers and rather than being divided into chapters on individual vascular lesions and diagnosis, each chapter covers an individual laser platform or light therapy.

The introductory chapter presents a succinct review of laser history and physics, and subsequent chapters cover commonly used laser modalities today, but there are also chapters on more obsolete lasers such as argon, krypton and copper lasers and the value of this is questionable.

There is an element of repetition between some of the chapters and I personally would have preferred chapters based on condition.

The final chapter focuses on potential complications of vascular laser treatment which is always important. However, it would have benefited from increased use of colour photography in a field that is largely reliant on visible results.

Overall I think the concept of the Aesthetic Dermatology series is a good one, but I think there are better books on this particular subject.

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William Anderson

St John's Hospital, Livingston, UK.

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