This is an incredible multi-author book which gives the most comprehensive account of the use of fat as a biological material for soft tissue augmentation and regenerative medicine. After a brief introduction and a description of the evolution of fat grafting this encyclopaedic volume continues in three parts. The first part is looking at the principles of fat grafting and basic concepts. These include a wonderful chapter on the Coleman technique written by Sydney Coleman himself. He continues with a second chapter looking at the analysis of the patient.

Subsequent chapters in this section look at some basic science aspects from the niche theory for fat graft survival, the nomenclature of the stromal vascular fraction, the automated systems for processing fat, the determination of fat viability, the growth factors in the lipoaspirate and an overview of fat grafting techniques. The second part is looking at the regenerative potential of fat and includes some beautifully illustrated chapters looking at the physiology and pathophysiology of fat together with the role of fat in wound healing as an adjuvant treatment for tissue remodelling and regeneration. The third part looks at clinical applications. This is divided into 10 sections giving a comprehensive over-view of the role of fat and treatment of the skin, aesthetic management of the face and neck, reconstructive management of the face and neck, and then extending into breast, upper extremity, lower extremity and genital areas. The third part concludes with two sections, the first looking at special problems and the other looking at future perspectives.

This is a reference book. It is over 1000 pages long and is well indexed. It is accompanied with access to an e-book and also an online video resource. The videos are a wonderful accompaniment to the chapters giving practical depth to topics such as abdominal harvesting and refinement, facial rejuvenation treatment of specific clinical problems such as scarring, ageing and soft tissue augmentation. This book provides evidence. This book distils experience. This is a classic volume and should grace the bookshelves of any serious practitioner who wants to use fat in some aspect of their clinical practice.

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