This two-volume textbook is presented well both outside and in. The editors and the contributors represent a collection of various specialties involved in aesthetic and reconstructive facial surgery. The focus of the book is stated clearly – to promote the fundamental principle of ‘form and function’. To that end, the topics are grouped in anatomical areas – rather than specific conditions.

The first six chapters (Part 1) cover the basic principles of facial plastic / reconstructive surgery. Part 2 covers the surgical details involving various zones of the face – from trauma to aesthetic surgery. In Part 3, some conditions that involve multiple facial areas, such as facial nerve palsy and reanimation and cleft lip and palate surgery, are discussed. Part 4 provides an overview of potential future developments in facial surgery – such as face transplantation and tissue engineering. There is also a useful chapter on the current state of patient reported outcomes (PROMs) in facial surgery.

Throughout the book, the clearly written text is interspersed with appropriate drawings and clinical photos to highlight the concepts explained in the chapter. Generally, each topic starts with a historical perspective or anatomy – followed by the surgical techniques. Helpful ‘key points’ at the end of each topic draw the attention of the reader to the salient discussion on that topic. Even the references have helpful annotations to highlight the salient features of the quoted paper. Where indicated, detailed description of non-surgical interventions has also been included.

The book comes with four DVDs - with operative procedures and video tutorials (Medflix) that beautifully supplement the core content of the book. This novel concept would be attractive for those learners who wish to have a ‘master class’ style of teaching and learning. The videos are well produced and explained.

This book, perhaps because of its origins from the otolaryngology unit in Massachusetts, presents many of the topics from that perspective. It provides a general and lucid overview of many facial procedures and will appeal to those trainees in ENT, maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery who would like to widen their knowledge of facial surgery.

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