This excellent second edition of Q&A Companion of the very well-established Essentials of Plastic Surgery by Dr Jeffrey Janis provides a complete and detailed overview of the entire plastic surgery syllabus. All material is up-to-date and has been written as a result of significant international contribution providing a wealth of information on which the questions are based.

The book is divided into the following seven parts: Fundamentals and Basics; Skin and Soft tissue; Head and Neck; Breast; Trunk and Lower Extremity; Hand, Wrist and Upper Extremity; Aesthetic Surgery. There are, in total, 102 chapters in the book. Questions are placed at the beginning of the chapter whereas answers to these questions with a concise and detailed explanation are placed at the end of the chapter. Most recent references, which support the answers, are also included and listed at the end of each chapter. With the book also comes access to the e-book format available online as well as on PCs / mobile devices or Kindle.

The content of the book is of a very high standard and, quite thoroughly, covers all aspects of plastic surgery. Regarding the layout of each chapter, it is visually clear giving the impression of visual balance on the page which, naturally, feels easier to read or study. The book is aimed at plastic surgery trainees preparing for their annual assessments, in-house or mock exams and, naturally, exit or fellowship exams in plastic surgery. That being said, the book might also be of a great value, by providing practical material or reference, to medical students or junior doctors or established plastic surgeons who might use the resource for teaching purposes.

In summary, this book is a useful resource complementing Essentials of Plastic Surgery by Dr Jeffrey Janis especially for trainees who are preparing for fellowship exams in plastic surgery.

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Ewa Majdak-Paredes

Department of Plastic Surgery, St John’s Hospital, Livingston; Edinburgh Breast Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh; and Spire Murrayfield Edinburgh (Refine Surgeons Group).

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