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This is a very well-written, concise guide to aesthetic injecting with plenty of useful, high-quality illustrations throughout.

Six chapters take you from your initial consultation through to advanced injection techniques covering neurotoxins, fillers and fat-dissolving injections. The consultation chapter is brief and to the point, providing useful tips to incorporate into your consultation style. There is a chapter on injectable safety in the USA which does not directly apply to injectors in the UK but is a firm reminder that we should be promoting patient safety and directing patients to search for medically trained injectors that have completed the appropriate training prior to undergoing and procedures.

There is a short neurotoxin overview which briefly covers mechanism of action, formulation and year of FDA approval. The neurotoxin preparation guide gives you reliable conversion ratios for Botox® to Xeomin® and Dysport® which are handy for new injectors who may not have experience with different types of neurotoxins.

What I particularly like about the chapters are the introductory paragraph stating difficulty, patient satisfaction and risk for each individual injection technique. Indications, anatomic considerations, technique and pearls of wisdom are included for each technique. The chapters are easy to digest and the writing to illustration ratio is perfect. Beginner, intermediate and advanced neurotoxin techniques are addressed along with managing common complications.

The filler section starts with an overview of commonly used fillers from hyaluronic acid to calcium hydroxylapatite and poly-l-lactic acid. Many different filler injection techniques are covered including the de Maio cheek lift technique. Gender considerations have been touched upon which is useful given the increasing demand for aesthetic procedures by men. A succinct chapter covers the management of filler complications.

The final chapter covers fat-dissolving injections to the submental region; warnings are given to help avoid marginal mandibular injury and the pearls of wisdom do warn of significant postoperative oedema, numbness and unpredictable results requiring multiple courses of treatment.

The appendices have consent forms for all the injection techniques as well as a nice condensed guide taking you through beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques.

I would highly recommend this text for beginners and intermediate level injectors wanting to gain more insight, experience and confidence in aesthetic practice. This is a fantastic reference guide to keep in the office for novice and intermediate injectors. Once purchased you can download the ebook to your device, making it accessible at all times.

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Parisha Acharya

Her areas of interest are cosmetic skin health, non-surgical aesthetics, skin cancer and maxillofacial surgery.

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