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Having used calcium hydroxylapatite (CaHA) for over 20 years it was a great pleasure to see a book bringing together contributors who represent an A-Y(!) of international users to present uses of this injectable implant in all areas of the face.

Dr van Loghem has brought together 39 chapters on the clinical uses of CaHA in an easy to read and standard layout. Starting with a brief historical perspective of CaHA, the reader is led through techniques of using CaHA in its native form to dilute and hyperdilute techniques. Techniques include both needle and cannula use, which is very useful for users considering techniques that they would be comfortable with. Some of the areas in the face, extremities and intimate zones are explicitly expert areas and are covered in detail – useful for the early users to understand the potential and for seasoned users to use in their practice. The book is a thorough compendium of uses of CaHA and is backed with some very useful videos. The videos are in general of good quality and are direct to the point of enabling viewers to understand how to use these techniques.

The book ends with a useful description on complication management and prevention, which is a good summary of current problems with all fillers and specific references to dealing with potential complications of CaHA. Dr van Loghem is to be commended for bringing this book with its exposition of the uses of CaHA to the novice and expert users of this injectable implant.

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Dalvi Humzah

West Midlands, UK.

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