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This is essentially a textbook that discusses all aspects of breast augmentation. It takes the reader through the whole process, starting from patients’ education, examination and planning and moving to discussion of management options and surgical techniques.

The authors discuss the types and options of implants very successfully and list all the available tools that surgeons can use to reach the appropriate decision regarding implant type, size, shape and surgical planning. All the discussion is supported with excellent references.

The book is well written and aims to teach new surgeons the basics of breast augmentation while expanding the audience to include senior surgeons, as it discusses the revision of breast augmentation. The book also features reports of challenging cases together with excellent figures and very useful discussion.

The authors have chosen their images well to illustrate and enhance the content, by including images of a variety of simple and difficult cases to give a true example to the reader of the different options they have and the outcome of each technique. The images are of excellent quality and achieve the aim of simplifying and delivering the ideas perfectly.

Overall, this is a very useful book for both new and established surgeons.

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Ammar Allouni

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.

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