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This is an excellent book, 352-pages long and richly illustrated with multiple clinical pictures. It is the type of book that I used to love when I was at registrar level in plastic surgery. That is to say long on enthusiasm and short on experience. The goal was to gain experience vicariously through other people’s experience and this is exactly what Lee Pu has given us here.

This is an 'Atlas' looking at cases involving different parts of the body; head and neck, shoulder and upper extremity, chest, abdomen and back, pelvis, groin, sacrum, buttock, perineum and genitals, and lower extremity. This is not a comprehensive text used as an examination primer. It is rather for the clinician facing a particularly challenging case and looking for inspiration. Each case is presented in a way that describes the problem and then the attempts at solutions.

Most cases are presented as successful with good outcomes. On occasion, multiple revisionary procedures are necessary. And Lee Pu has shared with us many pearls of wisdom gained over the years. This is the main value of this book: to see how a really experienced surgeon has tackled complex problems and created solutions. I commend this book for the honesty in the presentation. It has to be in every unit or department library as a resource for midnight browsing. But also those who are going to make a life in 'real plastic surgery' based in a major teaching hospital with a diverse reconstructive practice, this is an inspirational reconstructive surgery Atlas. It will help you out in many tricky situations.

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Andrew Burd (Prof)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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