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This book is an absolute must-have technical guide for aspiring, craniofacial surgical trainees. Comprehensively written with over 1400 intraoperative photos and easy access to a library of videos.

This is an essential atlas for your collection. A wide array of topics are covered in the seven-part atlas. From fundamentals to the cranial vault, reconstruction of facial bones, orbital fracture repair, rhinoplasty, maxillary and mandibular osteotomies, ear reconstruction, and cleft lip and palate repair.

Part I is a short and sweet introductory chapter discussing fundamental principles and craniofacial nerve blocks. This leads onto cranial vault and bony facial surgery. This section is in-depth and covers eight surgical techniques from frontal sinus cranialisation to posterior vault expansion and transfacial approaches. Part III, IV and V deal with the orbital, midface and mandibular surgical techniques. Individual procedures are intricately explained. Each subsection includes a paragraph on relevant surgical anatomy with precise diagrams, patient selection, indications and contraindications. The chapter then goes on to discuss preoperative surgical planning which includes face-bow and cephalometric analysis, model surgery and consideration of pre and postoperative orthodontics. There is an instrument tray for each procedure that is well annotated and only after covering all these other components do you then delve into the actual surgical technique. The step-by-step surgical techniques are my favourite aspect of this book as they really provide such a thorough guide, with real intraoperative photos, annotated incision sites, and each individual surgical technique is so precisely narrated. There is a succinct section for postoperative care followed by clinical cases, complications and surgical pearls. Ear reconstruction is covered in part VI, from autologous and alloplastic reconstruction to otoplasty. Finally, part VII is dedicated to cleft repair. This comprehensive section covers cleft lip and palate alongside adhesions, nose repair, pharygoplasty and alveolar bone grafting.

All in all, this is an excellent reference text for craniofacial surgical trainees and one that I would highly recommend due to the online availability and intraoperative videos that allow this book to be accessible virtually 24 hours a day without having to carry around a heavy hardback.

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Parisha Acharya

Her areas of interest are cosmetic skin health, non-surgical aesthetics, skin cancer and maxillofacial surgery.

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