This two-volume textbook is a broad overview of cosmetic surgeries, written by a number of experts, providing a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to various cosmetic surgical procedures. 

The two volumes of the book are divided into 10 parts. The opening ‘General Principle’ chapter has considered cultural and social, psychological and psychiatric issues that apply specifically to Asian patients. Additionally, a section on medicinal herbs and supplements commonly used by Asian patients has also been included. With the foundations in place, it proceeds to address specific procedures in a number of specialties in cosmetic surgery.  

In volume one, there is a chapter on both non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures and surgery for facial rejuvenation. Aspects of microautologous fat transplantation with the MAFT technique has been detailed in the non-surgical minimally invasive facial rejuvenation chapter, which is practical, illustrated with ‘before and after’ clinical photographs, emphasising notions described in the chapter. For surgical rejuvenation, there are discussions on a range of techniques for facelift, brow lift, and a chapter on a multimodal surgical approach to the ageing face, which is useful. In the section on cosmetic surgery of the eyelid, it discusses aspects of upper and lower blepharoplasty, the management of the sunken eyelid, and periorbital rejuvenation. In the section on rhinoplasty, the contributors discuss aspects of alloplastic implants, autologous cartilage grafts, primary open and closed rhinoplasty and advanced revision cases. There is also a section on cosmetic surgery of the ear. 

Volume two covers cosmetic surgery of the facial skeleton, plastic surgery of the breast (including breast augmentation with implants, discussing both transaxillary and inframammary approach, as well as augmentation with conventional fat grafting and cell-assisted lipotransfer). There is also a section on how to set up basic instrumentation in an endoscopic unit. The final chapters covering liposuction body and trunk, cosmetic surgery of extremities, hair transplant, varicose veins with endovascular laser, correction of osmidrosis, and a genital section covering penile enlargement and vaginal rejuvenation procedures, all of which are procedures growing in popularity. 

A narrated DVD with step-by-step demonstrations of double eyelid creation, nasal implant selection, augmentation rhinoplasty, alar-base reduction, and facial rejuvenation procedures, is included in the two-volume textbook. 

Overall, this a well-presented book, both inside and out; the chapters are written in a ‘simple to read’ manner, enriched with good quality anatomical drawings which help readers to visualise the steps of surgical approaches and techniques. ‘Pearls of surgery’ has been included at the end as a summary of important practical points for each chapter. 

This book contains interesting facts unique to treating Asian patients; it is of great educational value to practitioners for overcoming challenges and avoiding and dealing with potential complications. References have been included for those who would like to seek further information. This two-volume textbook provides excellent value for money.

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