At just over 200 pages this American textbook features chapters covering aspects of aesthetic breast surgery including developmental asymmetry, mastopexy, gynaecomastia and breast reduction although a chapter on breast augmentation is conspicuous by its absence.

The bulk of the text is devoted to several different chapters on oncological breast reconstruction, from radiological and preoperative evaluation, oncoplastic technique and lumpectomy with radiation to a variety of reconstructive approaches, concentrating as ever, on the abdominal flaps. Mastectomy and endocrine or chemotherapy are not extensively covered, nor surprisingly, are some popular reconstructive techniques such as the latissimus dorsi flaps and lipofilling. The most recent ‘PAP flap’ has not made it into this first edition.

The text is fairly up-to-date and there are many dry yet concise and accurate descriptions of technique that would benefit from better and complementary illustrations. Many of the images that are provided do not positively contribute to the text or the reader’s understanding of the subject matter. Despite several typos the text is, however, generally well written and the book is an easy and quick introduction to this subspecialty which is to be recommended for plastic and breast surgery trainees and perhaps breast care nurses. However, for those looking for a wealth of hints and tips to enhance their technique and improve outcomes, I fear they may be disappointed.

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Patrick Addison

St John's Hospital, Livingston, UK.

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