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As aesthetic practitioners, we should always strive to make our patients’ experiences the best they can be. Teosyal®Pen is the first motorised and cordless device specifically engineered for injecting HA dermal filler. It is lightweight at just 40g and offers precision and control, allowing me to focus on the artistic aspect of my work, leading to better cosmetic results and improved patient satisfaction.

Using Teosyal®Pen

In my opinion, Teosyal®Pen gives an improved ability to control injections in difficult areas, such as the perioral area, as well as easier injection of more viscous HA gels. I also found that this unique device delivers a well-controlled and constant flow, regardless of tissue resistance or gel viscosity.

The device can be used with all types of needles and cannulas with its single use, disposable syringe holders (called Teolink). It has two programs – linear threads and boluses – each with three different speeds. The pre-set, colour-coded modes allow for accurate and homogeneous delivery.

I found the slow flow mode especially useful for delicate areas such as the perioral region. The medium flow mode is ideal for the lips.

In my practice, this device proved to be a fantastic tool for treating fine lines using the small droplet (bolus) mode with a serial puncture technique. Other practitioners have also found that medium droplets are most effective for skin redensification, with the large droplet mode popular for treatment of the periorbital areas using a micro bolus approach.




The Pen is perfect for treating very delicate areas, and I believe that any practitioner trying this device will appreciate how the consistent, smooth and predictable injection of HA removes the need to constantly monitor the manual force needed for the plunger and the amount of product injected.

By removing this distraction, the Teosyal®Pen helped me to improve control of pressure, speed, and the amount of product injected, and this in turn helps to minimise the risk of over-correction of even the finest lines.

The improved control also translates into product savings and reduced side effects [1], including a significant reduction in the pain perceived by my patients during the procedures.

The aesthetic design of the device is generally considered less intimidating than manual syringes.

With high patient satisfaction, reduced pain and side effects, and a better cosmetic result, I think that the Teosyal®Pen is set to shake up industry standards on dermal fillers injection.



1. Glogau RG, Kane MAC. Effect of injection techniques on the rate of local adverse events in patients implanted with non-animal hyaluronic acid gel dermal fillers. Dermatol Surg 2008;34:S105-9.


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