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Sculpt&Shape® is an innovative RotateRF technology device for full body contouring and facial rejuvenation. It has different tips and modes combined with real-time temperature control and Safe Touch technology. This article will focus on how we use the device for full body contouring.

Patient selection and consultation

It is essential to know the main concerns and expectations of our patients so we can offer personalised treatment plans. The patient is examined and a thorough medical history is taken to ensure they do not have any contraindication, such as chronic conditions or metallic implants in the area being treated.

The ideal candidate is in good health and wants to reduce the appearance of cellulite or fluid retention, to contour their body, or they have lost weight and need a tightening of the skin.


The first step is to place the patient in a comfortable position and clean the treatment area. The next step is to program the treatment. The device is programmed with predefined parameters and the indication, the area and the tip are chosen.


Depending on the desired treatment area, the time of the treatments will vary. A full abdomen and flank-shaping treatment can be performed in 40 minutes or treatment of cellulite in full legs in 60 minutes.

Initially, a thin layer of conductive glycerin gel is applied to cover the area which allows a smooth movement of the applicator. Then, place the applicator on the treatment area, ensuring full contact with the area, and follow the recommended movements in the direction of the lymphatic drainage.



Treatment with this technology provides homogeneous heating by the automatic rotation and enhances lymphatic drainage. Moreover, the device measures the skin temperature and the impedance in real-time, and automatically adjusts and optimises the RF power to keep to the target temperature. This is a key aspect that differentiates Sculpt&Shape from other radiofrequency devices, where the user has to manually regulate the power or change the movement of the applicator.

Finally, the device has Safe Touch technology which, through fast measurement of the skin impedance, detects a loss of contact between the electrode and the skin and automatically and quickly cuts the RF power. These three features of the device provide effective, safe and comfortable treatments for both the patient and the practitioner.


Immediately after a treatment a lifting effect can be seen, an improvement of the skin quality due to the collagen contraction and a mild erythema and oedema that will disappear in 15-60 minutes depending on the area and sensitivity of the patient. Over the course of two to four sessions, patients start to notice a better skin quality and after four to six sessions, they start to see a real improvement of the treatment area. The best treatment results are seen after eight to 10 sessions depending on the patient and the indication.


This technology offers unique clinical and technological benefits, ensuring a safe, effective and comfortable treatment for both patient and operator. The great variability of the device allows me to treat full body conditions, from skin tightening to body remodelling. Patients currently being treated with other technologies, such as derma fillers or other devices, could also be treated with Sculpt&Shape to complement and enhance the effects of the different technologies and see better results in less time, in particular it carries out a synergistic action with Lanluma (poly-L-lactic acid) or in case of devices, I see great results in the combination with Cooltech Define (cryolipolysis).


Declaration of competing interests: None declared.

Disclaimer: This article contains information provided by medical professionals in their medical practices independently of any involvement of Sinclair. Any opinions, information, views or advice provided or expressed are those of such medical professionals and not of Sinclair. Use of Sinclair’s products in combination with any other product or accessory that is not listed within the Instructions for Use (IFU) shall be undertaken entirely at the medical professional’s own risk.




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