Martyn H C Webster was born 1939, and educated at Glasgow Academy and Rugby School. He then attended medical school at Glasgow University, graduating in 1963.

Post graduation, Martyn worked at Glasgow Royal Infirmary in Pathology for four years before starting surgical training in 1968. He started work at Canniesburn Regional Plastic Surgery Unit in 1971, becoming a Consultant  and Senior Lecturer there in 1976, experiencing  the whole range of plastic reconstructive surgery with particular reference to microsurgery, head and neck surgery, hand surgery and breast reconstruction.

Martyn was President of BAAPS 1994-1995, and President of EURAPS 2000-2001.

He is now working part time in West Africa for ReSurge Africa, a charity training local doctors in reconstructive surgical techniques.


Latest Contribution

Satisfaction and complications of body contouring surgery

Fifty-five patients undergoing body contouring surgery over three years is an experience worth sharing and the photographs show excellent results, with which most patients were delighted. One of the postoperative photographs shows that a patient had a decorative tattoo performed...

Treatment of established facial palsy with botulinum toxin followed by half mirror exercises

Seventeen patients with unilateral facial palsy for more than a year were treated with botulinum toxin injections to relieve symptoms of facial synkinesis or hyperkinetic movements. Three injections were given at six to eight month intervals, followed by daily half...

Reconstructing large heel defects

A description of one method of reconstructing problematic soft tissue defects of the heel. It is always good to have several techniques available in your quiver, so that you can choose the most appropriate arrow for any particular problem. This...