Dominique Davidson is Lead Hand Consultant of the regional Lothian hand unit in St John’s Hospital, where she deals with all aspects of adult hand and wrist surgery.

She graduated from Oxford and completed training in plastic surgery in London and Glasgow. She developed an early interest in hand surgery, and completed fellowships at the Hand Unit at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, and the Windsor Hand Clinic.

Dominique has a strong research background. Her postgraduate research at Oxford University, into the molecular genetics of craniofacial and limb disorders, resulted in a DPhil, and she was awarded a Hunterian Professorship from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. She has published very extensively (hand surgery journals, plastic surgery journals, and scientific journals including The Lancet and NatureGenetics), and has lectured world-wide, particularly on Dupuytren’s disease. Her current research interests include cutting edge development of new treatments for Dupuytren’s disease, and the treatment of thumb-base arthritis.

Latest Contribution

Essentials of Plastic Surgery: Q+A Companion

Designed as a companion to the popular Essentials of Plastic Surgery, this is a compact and portable paperback, also available as an ebook. It is divided into seven sections (102 chapters) to mirror exactly the layout of its parent book,...