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Andrew Burd is a British trained Plastic Surgeon, a Harvard trained Scientist, a School of Life trained Educator and a Pragmatic Ethicist. He was the Professor of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Centenary Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Translational Science at the School of Tropical Medicine in Kolkata, India. He is currently completing his PhD looking at the potential for Big Data to influence Health Policy. He is the founding and current Editor of The PMFA Journal. He is a staunch patient advocate with uncompromising views on patient safety.

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PART 1: Degraded professionalism among leading figures in Australian plastic and reconstructive surgery

Editor's comment on: RCSEd warning over NHS workforce survey results

The PMFA Journal co-editor, Andrew Burd, responds to the RCSEd warning issued in light of an NHS workforce survey results, which suggest that three-quarters of surgeons have considered an overseas move.

Atlas of Reconstructive Surgery: a Case-Based Approach

"It is the type of book that I used to love when I was at registrar level in plastic surgery. That is to say long on enthusiasm and short on experience. The goal was to gain experience vicariously through other people’s experience and this is exactly what Lee Pu has given us here."