The purpose of a plastic surgeon releasing a website is to enable the public and others to discover information relevant to that surgeon’s qualification, background and experience, and also pre-empt potential conflicts and risks before they may arise. There is a code of practice that should prevent such a website stating, for example, that the surgeon or group of surgeons are world leaders or world renowned or even the best face lifters in the UK that Sainsbury’s are aware of, but these are clearly and generally flouted. Poaching and ‘parasiting’ off or near other websites is pretty common.

Cosmetic surgery is big business and there is plenty enough for properly qualified, trained surgeons who can demonstrate they regularly operate with low risk, via the Appraisal and Revalidation system. There is no need to undeservedly and misleadingly get 'bigger' off the backs of our colleagues.

Overseas surgeons parasite on our public and market in groups and unreservedly misrepresent themselves to the public. They are allowed to by the easy access to their listing on the specialist register. There are three ways these surgeons can maintain their licences to practice in the UK, two of which are major loopholes through which indigenous surgeons cannot pass. Why are we so stupid?

Please let's make aesthetic or cosmetic surgery (call it what you like) a 'specialty' or 'super-specialty' with an established accredited hands-on training structure that we all have to pass to practice, even those from abroad. We would lead the world once again.

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