The future of energy-based devices: do we have limits?

Victor Gabriel Clatici asks what is the final frontier in dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine?

A history of the Asia Pacific Burn Association

To accompany his Newsround report on the 12th APBC meeting in the October/November issue, Editor Andrew Burd shares the story of how the APBA was set up.

A farcical attempt to uphold the law

I read in the paper last week that an 86-year-old plastic surgeon, Franklin Li, was being charged with 21 offences that were associated with the death of a top Hong Kong banker, Zoe Cheung, in a beauty clinic in Tsim...

FDA won’t ban sales of textured breast implants linked to cancer

The US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has declined to ban the sale of textured breast implants. This is contrary to other countries, including France and Canada, doing so due to concern that they cause a rare form of cancer,...

First there was Sophia

A robot is a man-made machine which can do some things by itself. It is not alive. It has no physiology. But it does have a source of energy, sensors to interact with the external world, a rudimentary nervous system...