Zoey had two sisters, Leung Lee Michelle and Leung Mei. On 11 June, 2010 one of them made a formal statement to the police. She had questions that needed to be answered. She presented her queries in the form of a complaint against Dr WONG Kar-mau “on medical mismanagement and negligence on the deceased that might contribute to the death of the deceased.” The specific queries were as follows:

  1.  Why had Dr WONG Kar-mau not conducted an anaesthetic test on the deceased before actually applying (sic) the anaesthetic?
  2. According to Dr WONG Kar-mau, he had conducted resuscitation including cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the deceased for an hour. She doubted how the resuscitation was conducted and if there was any delay in sending the deceased to hospital? She also queried why the two other doctors were called to the scene and what kind of first aid they had provided?
  3. Whether Dr WONG’s clinic had sufficient equipment to conduct emergency rescue on the deceased and whether the clinic had all the equipment required for performing breast augmentation?

On 10 January 2011, HO Sheung-yan, Commissioner of Police wrote to the Head of the Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, at The Chinese University of Hong Kong to request an independent expert opinion.

“11. As the complaint touch(sic) on the aspects of the medical management of the deceased, an independent expert opinion on the treatment of the deceased is needed. The Coroner has the following instruction in obtaining expert opinion from the expert (sic) who is a specialist in plastic surgery expert (sic) on the surgery Dr Wong was performing on the deceased.”

I did not volunteer for this role.  After the police approached the Chairman of the Department, Professor Paul Lai, he nominated me to give my opinion.  And I did. And it was independent, fair, and clearly based on the evidence provided in the reports and witness statements made available.

I received my letter of instruction on March 16 2011. I can only presume that Chris Howse and David Kan received their letters of instruction from the MPS at around the same time. I wrote my report which is freely available on the internet. Yes, I have a repository of original documentation which have been scanned, converted to pdf files and uploaded onto a blogsite: http://emc888.blogspot.co.uk/  It is interesting to note in the letter of instruction: Zoey had visited the Laser and Foto Facial Centre at Room 901, Champion Building, No 301-309 Nathan Road in Yau Ma Tei 17 April, 2010. During her visit, she had raised the question of having her breasts enlarged (as a surprise birthday present for her boyfriend on her upcoming birthday). She was referred to the clinic of Dr Wong Kar-Mau which was just next door.  Dr Wong saw her the same day and arrangements were made for a breast augmentation operation to be performed under conscious sedation in his clinic. The operation was scheduled for the 30 April, just a few days before her 25th birthday.

Andrew Burd (Prof)

The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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