Regular contributor to The PMFA Journal, Dr Nestor Demosthenous, has created a JustGiving page to generate support for Edinburgh and Lothians' healthcare workers currently at the forefront of the COVID-19 response.

He says:

"I haven't always been a cosmetic doctor. Having spent many years in surgical training within the NHS, I know the NHS well. I understand the sacrifices my colleagues are currently making, the fear, the bravery and the compassion filling our hospitals.

I have closed my clinic doors temporarily, to focus efforts on supporting my NHS colleagues during these unprecedented times. While I have applied to NHS Scotland ‘Covid-19 Recruitment’, awaiting to be placed where appropriate, I have decided to help in other ways too.

With the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly escalating, I feel it is essential that we help our NHS Lothian colleagues to continue to practice safely at such a critical time. The response to support healthcare workers has been incredible - schools supporting critical workers during times of closure, medical students volunteering free childcare, food outlets offering discounts and free drinks.

I feel it is now time to ask the people of Edinburgh & the Lothians to assist in donating funds to buy more essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for staff. At a time when most can practice social distancing, healthcare workers will be at the forefront. Sadly, we have already seen the implications of this with doctors and nurses sadly succumbing to COVID-19 around the world. It is impossible to predict the eventual scale of this pandemic in Scotland but we know from China, Italy, Spain and the US, that as a professional group, healthcare workers were significantly affected.

Despite this, they are prepared to face the challenges that come, head on. There may come a time, like with other countries, that PPE supplies run low, or even non-existent, as national manufacturers struggle to keep up with supply and demand. By sourcing more essential kit such as masks, visors and gloves, we want our frontline workers to know that we are thinking about each and everyone of them, beyond grateful for their tireless efforts in the upcoming months, working round the clock to ensure the safety of our loved ones. When all this is over, our NHS is likely to have far overworked full capacity, and the financial implications are likely to be huge. Let’s take some of the strain off at a time when as a nation, we must pull together.

Stay safe at home and please donate what you can so they can continue to stay safe at work. Even the smallest of contributions is welcome. Every. Penny. Counts. Thank you."

Donate here:

Disclaimer: This has not been authorised by NHS Lothian and is purely charitable to assist with anticipated difficulties based on global evidence.

Funds will primarily be used for the purchase of PPE. Any residual funds will be distributed to medical charities supporting healthcare workers in Edinburgh & Lothians or research charities.



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